The future of Nairobi commuting

The future of Nairobi commuting is here

Commuting in Nairobi is synonymous with stress. Traffic jams, unpredictable fare hikes and undisciplined road users are some of the attributes that great commuters in this city. However, there is some hope. Commuters from areas served by the railway line are waking up to the convenience of commuting. Thanks to the Rift Valley Railways, RVR. To many, the commuter train has become the most preferred means of getting to the city especially in the morning. The railway firm is investing in improving its service delivery. For instance, it has contracted the ticketing services of an independent firm, KAPS Limited. This is not only a shot in the arm of RVR’s efficiency in the collection of revenue but also it translates to increased confidence with the passengers. The rationale is that RVR is able to concentrate its energies on other core businesses, triggering the betterment and predictability of its services. Now with the proposed commencement of the Syokimau Route, more Nairobi residents will enjoy the thrill of hassle free commuting to and from the city. Stakeholders should hasten the extension of the railway services at least to all estates in Nairobi and major towns.




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    Published on the Daily Nation, November 14, 2012.

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